Is Democracy Really The Best Option?

Politics isn’t something I dwell on. Caught up in my own bubble of work, family, and excessive procrastination, I have scant surplus grey matter for politics. But with everything going on in the world — from the United States, where the President is more hell-bent on winning a second term in office than tackling Coronavirus (which as of this writing has claimed the lives of nearly 180,000 of his fellow Americans), to political turmoil everywhere from Belarus and Mali to Lebanon and Thailand — I have begun to wonder if the problem with politics is in the ineffective functioning of Democracy, or at the deeper root of Democracy itself.

“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter” — Winston Churchill

I have always maintained a certain irony in criticising leaders after electing them to power. One could claim no knowledge of their naiveté, or ineffectiveness, or corruption, but why would we assume any differently to begin with? Would you consult a Surgeon you weren’t absolutely convinced was up for the job? Wouldn’t you use her qualifications and track record of past surgeries to guide your decision to do so? If you wouldn’t take a punt on a Surgeon to save one life, why take punts on people who’s actions affect the lives of a million others?

“It would be absurd to think that the politics of the last hundred or so years is the way it’s meant to be forever” — David Runciman, Author; How Democracy Ends.”

This article would be incomplete if I droned on my misgivings with Democracy without offering an alternative (at least an alternative that makes sense to me). So here goes; voting and the right to vote is an overrated privilege, and little more than a concession given to appease a people who would otherwise rebel or feel they had no say in how their country is run. But why is this important? The power to elect people who govern is far too awesome to be in the hands of anyone who is not actively interested, invested, or involved in an ideal or idea of how the country should be run in the first place.

I am a writer, business-owner, investor, and most importantly, a husband, and daddy to my little girl and boy who give me boundless joy!